A Details Of Questions Asked By Dr. Udit Raj (350 Questions)

DateMinistryQuestion typeSubject
12.02.2019HOUSING AND URBAN AFFAIRS (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDPermanent Houses
12.02.2019HOME AFFAIRS (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDProtection of Women under Domestic Violence Act
11.02.2019SKILL DEVELOPMENT AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDPradhan Mantri Kaushal Rin Yojana
07.02.2019SHIPPING (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDNew Ports
07.02.2019CIVIL AVIATION (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDPenalty for Denying Seats on Confirmed Tickets
06.02.2019LAW AND JUSTICE (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDLive Telecast of Court Proceedings
06.02.2019LAW AND JUSTICE (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDTime Bound Hearing of Cases
06.02.2019RAILWAYS (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDVacancies of Doctors
05.02.2019SOCIAL JUSTICE AND EMPOWERMENT (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDRecommendation of NCSC
05.02.2019HOME AFFAIRS (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDCommunal Incidents
05.02.2019HOME AFFAIRS (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDReservation for Women in Police Force
04.02.2019TOURISM (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDThomson Reuters Foundation Survey
04.02.2019HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDCaste Certificate
08.01.2019SOCIAL JUSTICE AND EMPOWERMENT (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDRecommendation of NCSC
07.01.2019LABOUR AND EMPLOYMENT (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDComplaints regarding Non-Payment of Minimum Wages
07.01.2019HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDPromotion of Urdu Language
04.01.2019FINANCE (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDDisinvestment Targets
03.01.2019POWER (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDDependence on Coal
02.01.2019PERSONNEL, PUBLIC GRIEVANCES AND PENSIONS (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDPromotional Benefits to SC/ST Employees
01.01.2019HOUSING AND URBAN AFFAIRS (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDWarehousing Hubs
31.12.2018HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT (English | Hindi)STARREDIndian Institutes of Technology
28.12.2018FINANCE (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDPublic Asset Rehabilitation Agency
27.12.2018POWER (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDEnergy Efficiency
26.12.2018LAW AND JUSTICE (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDSpecial District Courts
26.12.2018RAILWAYS (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDTrain Wheel Sensors
24.12.2018HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDChange in Name of Ministry
24.12.2018COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDExport of Vegetables
21.12.2018ENVIRONMENT, FORESTS AND CLIMATE CHANGE (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDWaste Generated from Scrap Tyres
18.12.2018AGRICULTURE AND FARMERS WELFARE (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDWeather based Crop Insurance Scheme
17.12.2018COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY (English | Hindi)STARREDFraudulent Practices by Exporters
13.12.2018MINES (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDShortage of Iron Ore
13.12.2018CIVIL AVIATION (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDCAG Report on Air India
12.12.2018LAW AND JUSTICE (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDCreation of Indian Judicial Service
11.12.2018HOUSING AND URBAN AFFAIRS (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDLand for Public Toilets
11.12.2018HOME AFFAIRS (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDRegistration System Software
10.08.2018HEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDShortage of Surgical Oncologists
10.08.2018CORPORATE AFFAIRS (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDCSR violation by Companies
09.08.2018WATER RESOURCES, RIVER DEVELOPMENT AND GANAGA REJUVENATION (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDElectric Crematoriums at Ghats of Ganga River
08.08.2018COMMUNICATIONS (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDViolation of Article 16 (4a) by MTNL
07.08.2018AGRICULTURE AND FARMERS WELFARE (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDBeneficiaries under PMFBY
07.08.2018HOME AFFAIRS (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDFull Body Truck Scanners
06.08.2018HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDCases of Overpayment
03.08.2018FINANCE (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDGST on Education
02.08.2018POWER (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDFinancial Condition of DVC
01.08.2018LAW AND JUSTICE (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDTimebound Hearing of Cases
31.07.2018HOUSING AND URBAN AFFAIRS (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDDevelopment of Warehousing Zones
27.07.2018HEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDRashtriya Arogya Nidhi
27.07.2018HEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDBlood Bank
27.07.2018FINANCE (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDVRS Scheme in SBI
26.07.2018ROAD TRANSPORT AND HIGHWAYS (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDScrapping of Old Private Vehicles
25.07.2018LAW AND JUSTICE (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDAIJS
24.07.2018AGRICULTURE AND FARMERS WELFARE (English | Hindi)STARREDProduction of Pulses
23.07.2018Manufacturing of iPhones (English | Hindi)UnstarredCOMMERCE AND INDUSTRY
23.07.2018Import of Indian Buffalo Meat by China (English | Hindi)UnstarredCOMMERCE AND INDUSTRY
20.07.2018Change of Financial Year (English | Hindi)UnstarredFINANCE
19.07.2018Cancellation of Beneficiaries under MGNREGS (English | Hindi)UnstarredRURAL DEVELOPMENT
19.07.2018Parking Facility at Airports (English | Hindi)UnstarredCIVIL AVIATION
19.07.2018FDI in Aviation Sector (English | Hindi)UnstarredCIVIL AVIATION
18.07.2018Hike Railway Fare (English | Hindi)UnstarredRAILWAYS
18.07.2018Cloning of SIM Cards (English | Hindi)UnstarredCOMMUNICATIONS
06.04.2018SC/ST Employees in PSB (English | Hindi)UnstarredFINANCE
06.04.2018SC/ST Employees in PSB (English | Hindi)UnstarredFINANCE
06.04.2018State Bank of Sikkim (English | Hindi)UnstarredFINANCE
05.04.2018Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (English | Hindi)UnstarredDRINKING WATER AND SANITATION
04.04.2018Allocation of Business (English | Hindi)UnstarredDEFENCE
04.04.2018Nalanda Project (English | Hindi)UnstarredDEFENCE
03.04.2018Allocation of Business (English | Hindi)UnstarredDEFENCE
03.04.2018Nalanda Project (English | Hindi)UnstarredDEFENCE
03.04.2018Involvement of Delhi Police Personnel in Crime (English | Hindi)UnstarredHOME AFFAIRS
03.04.2018Notification of Reserved Vacancies in MCD/NDMC (English | Hindi)UnstarredHOME AFFAIRS
02.04.2018HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT (English | Hindi)UnstarredCPF to GPF-cum-Pension Scheme for KVS
02.04.2018SKILL DEVELOPMENT AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP (English | Hindi)UnstarredSkills in Disposal of e-Wastes
28.03.2018PERSONNEL, PUBLIC GRIEVANCES AND PENSIONS (English | Hindi)UnstarredSOs and Stenographers Exam
27.03.2018HOUSING AND URBAN AFFAIRS (English | Hindi)UnstarredAlternate Land
26.03.2018HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT (English | Hindi)UnstarredIncrease in KV Fee
23.03.2018High Level Committee on CSR (English | Hindi)UnstarredCORPORATE AFFAIRS
23.03.2018Irregularities in LIC (English | Hindi)UnstarredFINANCE
22.03.2018Operations by Airlines in Remote Areas (English | Hindi)UnstarredCIVIL AVIATION
21.03.2018Restoration of Seniority of MTNL Officers (English | Hindi)UnstarredCOMMUNICATIONS
20.03.2018Sub-city (English | Hindi)UnstarredHOUSING AND URBAN AFFAIRS
19.03.2018Development of Tribal and Rural Circuits under Swadesh Darshan Scheme (English | Hindi)UnstarredTOURISM
19.03.2018Performance of Steel Sector (English | Hindi)UnstarredSTEEL
16.03.2018Setting up of Skin Bank (English | Hindi)UnstarredHEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE
15.03.2018Projects under Sagarmala Programme (English | Hindi)UnstarredSHIPPING
14.03.2018Constitutional Amendment (English | Hindi)UnstarredLAW AND JUSTICE
13.03.2018Recommendation of NCSC (English | Hindi)UnstarredSOCIAL JUSTICE AND EMPOWERMENT
12.03.2018Discovered Small Field Policy (English | Hindi)UnstarredPETROLEUM AND NATURAL GAS
12.03.2018Startup India Programme (English | Hindi)UnstarredCOMMERCE AND INDUSTRY
12.03.2018Import of Buffalo Meat by China (English | Hindi)UnstarredCOMMERCE AND INDUSTRY
09.03.2018Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (English | Hindi)UnstarredHEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE
08.03.2018Transportation of Goods through Waterways (English | Hindi)UnstarredSHIPPING
07.03.2018Supply of Sub-standard Material (English | Hindi)UnstarredDEFENCE
06.03.2018Shortage of Delhi Police Personnel (English | Hindi)UnstarredHOME AFFAIRS
05.03.2018Implementation of Reservation (English | Hindi)UnstarredHUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT
09.02.2018GST on Ayurveda (English | Hindi)UnstarredFINANCE
09.02.2018Facilities to Anganwadi Workers/ Helpers (English | Hindi)UnstarredWOMEN AND CHILD DEVELOPMENT
08.02.2018Bilateral Rights for Overseas Flights (English | Hindi)UnstarredCIVIL AVIATION
07.02.20185G Auction (English | Hindi)UnstarredCOMMUNICATIONS
06.02.2018Conviction Rate (English | Hindi)UnstarredHOME AFFAIRS
05.02.2018Complaints regarding Roster System (English | Hindi)UnstarredHUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT
05.02.2018Public Procurement Policy (English | Hindi)UnstarredMICRO,SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISES
02.02.2018Outsourcing of Training by LIC (English | Hindi)UnstarredFINANCE
02.02.2018Cadre Restructuring in CBDT and CBEC (English | Hindi)UnstarredFINANCE
05.01.2018Awareness about Breastfeeding among Women (English | Hindi)UnstarredHEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE
04.01.2018Wastage of Electricity (English | Hindi)UnstarredPOWER
03.01.2018SC/ST Scientist (English | Hindi)UnstarredSCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY
02.01.2018Alternative Plots for Land Owners (English | Hindi)UnstarredHOUSING AND URBAN AFFAIRS
01.01.2018Delhi University West Campuses (English | Hindi)UnstarredHUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT
29.12.2017Food Testing Labs (English | Hindi)UnstarredHEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE
28.12.2017Shortage of Pilots/Cabin Crew (English | Hindi)UnstarredCIVIL AVIATION
27.12.20175G Network (English | Hindi)UnstarredCOMMUNICATIONS
22.12.2017Property and Declaration Order (English | Hindi)UnstarredFINANCE
21.12.2017Regulation on Use of Drones (English | Hindi)UnstarredCIVIL AVIATION
21.12.2017Norms for Private Power Plants (English | Hindi)UnstarredPOWER
20.12.2017Harassment of Women on Social Media (English | Hindi)UnstarredELECTRONICS AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
19.12.2017Facilities for Refugees (English | Hindi)UnstarredHOME AFFAIRS
18.12.2017Movie on Bal Gangadhar Tilak (English | Hindi)UnstarredCULTURE
15.12.2017Rajiv Gandhi Shilpi Swasthya Bima Yojana (English | Hindi)UnstarredFINANCE
15.12.2017Air India Debt (English | Hindi)UnstarredFINANCE
11.08.2017Weather Insurance Policy (English | Hindi)UnstarredFINANCE
10.08.2017Sagarmala Projects (English | Hindi)UnstarredSHIPPING
09.08.20175G Spectrum (English | Hindi)UnstarredCOMMUNICATIONS
08.08.2017Scheme for Higher Studies of SCs (English | Hindi)UnstarredSOCIAL JUSTICE AND EMPOWERMENT
04.08.2017PAN Cards (English | Hindi)UnstarredFINANCE
04.08.2017Import Duty on Gold (English | Hindi)UnstarredFINANCE
03.08.2017Production of Bio-gas and Other Renewable Energy (English | Hindi)UnstarredNEW AND RENEWABLE ENERGY
03.08.2017Appointment of Chief Operating Officer by Jet Airways (English | Hindi)UnstarredCIVIL AVIATION
02.08.2017Bharat Net Project (English | Hindi)UnstarredCOMMUNICATIONS
02.08.2017All India Judicial Service (English | Hindi)UnstarredLAW AND JUSTICE
02.08.2017Skill Development Schemes (English | Hindi)UnstarredSKILL DEVELOPMENT AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP
02.08.2017Change in Designation of Postman (English | Hindi)UnstarredCOMMUNICATIONS
01.08.2017Filing of FIRs (English | Hindi)STARREDHOME AFFAIRS
31.07.2017Quality of Chinese Products (English | Hindi)UnstarredCOMMERCE AND INDUSTRY
28.07.2017Use of Defence Facilities by Civil Airlines (English | Hindi)UnstarredDEFENCE
27.07.2017Revival of Non-operational Airports under UDAN Scheme (English | Hindi)UnstarredCIVIL AVIATION
26.07.2017Facilitation Centres (English | Hindi)UnstarredEXTERNAL AFFAIRS
25.07.2017Reservation for SCs (English | Hindi)UnstarredHOME AFFAIRS
24.07.2017CGHS Facilities for Kendriya Vidyalaya Teachers (English | Hindi)UnstarredHUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT
21.07.2017Vacancies in CCI (English | Hindi)UnstarredCORPORATE AFFAIRS
20.07.2017Gas Fired Generation Capacity (English | Hindi)UnstarredPOWER
20.07.2017Restoration of Backlog Posts (English | Hindi)UnstarredCIVIL AVIATION
19.07.2017Videorecording of Court Proceedings (English | Hindi)UnstarredLAW AND JUSTICE
18.07.2017Denotified, Nomadic and SemiNomadic Tribes (English | Hindi)STARREDSOCIAL JUSTICE AND EMPOWERMENT
18.07.2017Directions to BIS (English | Hindi)UnstarredCONSUMER AFFAIRS, FOOD AND PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION
17.07.2017Admissions in Kendriya Vidyalayas (English | Hindi)STARREDHUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT
17.07.2017Tenure/Posting of Officers (English | Hindi)UNSTARREDLABOUR AND EMPLOYMENT
12-Apr-2017Dwelling Units in Delhi (English | Hindi)UnstarredUrban Development
12-Apr-2017Master Plan Delhi 2021 (English | Hindi)UnstarredUrban Development
11-Apr-2017Implementation of DoPT Orders (English | Hindi)UnstarredHome Affairs
10-Apr-2017Permanent School Buildings (English | Hindi)UnstarredHuman Resource Development
07-Apr-2017Facilitation for Startup (English | Hindi)UnstarredCorporate Affairs
07-Apr-2017Strategic Partners (English | Hindi)UnstarredDefence
06-Apr-2017SCST Employees in THDC (English | Hindi)UnstarredPower
05-Apr-2017Allotment of Houses (English | Hindi)UnstarredUrban Development
31-Mar-2017Demand and Availability of Gold (English | Hindi)UnstarredFinance
30-Mar-2017Sagarmala Programme (English | Hindi)UnstarredShipping
29-Mar-2017Revenue Loss due to Tariff War (English | Hindi)UnstarredCommunications
29-Mar-2017Permanent Houses to Slum Dwellers (English | Hindi)UnstarredUrban Development
28-Mar-2017Corruption in Disbursement of Scholarships (English | Hindi)UnstarredSocial Justice and Empowerment
27-Mar-2017Construction of NIT (English | Hindi)UnstarredHuman Resource Development
24-Mar-2017Rashtriya Arogya Nidhi (English | Hindi)UnstarredHealth and Family Welfare
23-Mar-2017Electrification of Villages (English | Hindi)UnstarredPower
22-Mar-2017Video Recording of Proceedings (English | Hindi)UnstarredLaw and Justice
22-Mar-2017Judicial Reforms (English | Hindi)UnstarredLaw and Justice
20-Mar-2017Allotment of Petrol Pumps (English | Hindi)UnstarredPetroleum and Natural Gas
17-Mar-2017Redressal of Investors Grievances (English | Hindi)UnstarredCorporate Affairs
17-Mar-2017Social Security Schemes (English | Hindi)UnstarredFinance
16-Mar-2017Private Investment in Power Sector (English | Hindi)UnstarredPower
15-Mar-2017Absorption of Coolies in Railways (English | Hindi)UnstarredRailways
14-Mar-2017Daily Wages Employees (English | Hindi)UnstarredHome Affairs
14-Mar-2017Missing Persons (English | Hindi)UnstarredHome Affairs
10-Mar-2017Supply of Substandard Material in Ordnance Factory (English | Hindi)UnstarredDefence
10-Mar-2017Tax Evasion on Import of Standard Newsprint (English | Hindi)UnstarredFinance
09-Mar-2017Power Generation Capacity (English | Hindi)UnstarredPower
09-Feb-2017Public and Private Investment in Power Sector (English | Hindi)UnstarredPower
09-Feb-2017Status of UDAN Scheme (English | Hindi)UnstarredCivil Aviation
09-Feb-2017National Water Framework Bill (English | Hindi)UnstarredWater Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation
08-Feb-2017Development Areas (English | Hindi)UnstarredUrban Development
07-Feb-2017Issuance of Caste Certificate (English | Hindi)UnstarredSocial Justice and Empowerment
06-Feb-2017No Detention Policy (English | Hindi)UnstarredHuman Resource Development
06-Feb-2017Allotment of LPG Distributorships (English | Hindi)UnstarredPetroleum and Natural Gas
03-Feb-2017Rolling Back of TCS (English | Hindi)UnstarredFinance
02-Feb-2017Saansad Adarsh Gram YojanaUnstarredRural Development
02-Feb-2017Digitization (English | Hindi)UnstarredCoal
02-Feb-2017Empowerment of Panchayati Raj Institutions (English | Hindi)UnstarredPanchayati Raj
14-Dec-2016Discrimination in Promotion (English | Hindi)UnstarredPrime Minister
14-Dec-2016Exchange of Money after Demonetisation (English | Hindi)UnstarredCommunications
12-Dec-2016Make in, Startup and Stand up India Programmes (English | Hindi)UnstarredCommerce and Industry
12-Dec-2016Benefits for Employees of KVS (English | Hindi)UnstarredHuman Resource Development
09-Dec-2016Gold Policy (English | Hindi)UnstarredFinance
09-Dec-2016Banking Transaction Tax (English | Hindi)UnstarredFinance
08-Dec-2016Fastags on National Highways (English | Hindi)UnstarredRoad Transport and Highways
07-Dec-2016Optical Fiber Network by Telecom PSUs (English | Hindi)StarredCommunications
06-Dec-2016Training to Police (English | Hindi)UnstarredHome Affairs
05-Dec-2016Number of IITs (English | Hindi)UnstarredHuman Resource Development
02-Dec-2016RBI Norms for Protecting Consumers (English | Hindi)UnstarredFinance
01-Dec-2016Pension to Widows (English | Hindi)UnstarredRural Development
30-Nov-2016Task Force on Cadre Structure (English | Hindi)StarredPrime Minister
29-Nov-2016Prevention of Atrocities on SCs and STs (English | Hindi)UnstarredSocial Justice and Empowerment
28-Nov-2016Vacant Posts of Principals (English | Hindi)UnstarredHuman Resource Development
25-Nov-2016Disinvestment Target (English | Hindi)UnstarredFinance
24-Nov-2016Flights between Delhi and Auckland (English | Hindi)UnstarredCivil Aviation
23-Nov-2016Coverage by Private Channels (English | Hindi)UnstarredInformation and Broadcasting
23-Nov-2016Metro Rail Projects (English | Hindi)UnstarredUrban Development
22-Nov-2016Dhangar Caste in SC List (English | Hindi)UnstarredSocial Justice and Empowerment
21-Nov-2016Allotment of Petrol Pump to SC/ST Community (English | Hindi)UnstarredPetroleum and Natural Gas
18-Nov-2016Reservation in Banks (English | Hindi)UnstarredFinance
17-Nov-2016Compensation to Air Passengers (English | Hindi)UnstarredCivil Aviation
16-Nov-2016Demolition of Slums (English | Hindi)UnstarredUrban Development
12-Aug-2016Caste Based Regiments (English | Hindi)UnstarredDefence
09-Aug-2016SC Sub-Plan (English | Hindi)UnstarredSocial Justice and Empowerment
08-Aug-2016IIT, Kanpur (English | Hindi)UnstarredHuman Resource Development
05-Aug-2016MUDRA Loans (English | Hindi)UnstarredFinance
05-Aug-2016Irregularities in Health InsuranceStarredFinance
04-Aug-2016Clean Ganga Fund (English | Hindi)UnstarredWater Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation
03-Aug-2016Acquisition of Land in Narela (English | Hindi)UnstarredUrban Development
02-Aug-2016SC/ST Employees Welfare (English | Hindi)UnstarredConsumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution
01-Aug-2016FDI in Retail Sector (English | Hindi)UnstarredCommerce and Industry
29-Jul-2016FDI in Defence Sector (English | Hindi)UnstarredDefence
29-Jul-2016Chit Fund Frauds (English | Hindi)UnstarredFinance
29-Jul-2016Sainik Schools (English | Hindi)UnstarredDefence
28-Jul-2016Inter-Ministerial Litigations (English | Hindi)UnstarredLaw and Justice
27-Jul-2016New Post Offices (English | Hindi)StarredCommunications and Information Technology
26-Jul-2016Training for Police Personnel (English | Hindi)StarredHome Affairs
25-Jul-2016Trade Talks with China (English | Hindi)UnstarredCommerce and Industry
11-May-2016Anomalies in Evaluation of Scientific Officers (English | Hindi)UnstarredPrime Minister
09-May-2016Land Acquisition by NALCO (English | Hindi)UnstarredMines
06-May-2016RBI Norms for Protecting Customers (English | Hindi)UnstarredFinance
05-May-2016Sale of Assets by Air India (English | Hindi)UnstarredCivil Aviation
05-May-2016Fast Track Court (English | Hindi)UnstarredLaw and Justice
04-May-2016Strength of IFS (English | Hindi)UnstarredExternal Affairs
04-May-2016Land Pooling Policy (English | Hindi)UnstarredUrban Development
03-May-2016Pre-Matric Scholarship (English | Hindi)UnstarredSocial Justice and Empowerment
03-May-2016Scholarship for SC (English | Hindi)UnstarredSocial Justice and Empowerment
02-May-2016PF Benefits to Construction Workers (English | Hindi)UnstarredLabour and Employment
28-Apr-2016Review of Obsolete Laws (English | Hindi)UnstarredLaw and Justice
27-Apr-2016Buddhist Entrepreneurs (English | Hindi)UnstarredMinority Affairs
26-Apr-2016Survey on SC Entrepreneurs (English | Hindi)UnstarredSocial Justice and Empowerment
26-Apr-2016State Security Commission (English | Hindi)UnstarredHome Affairs
25-Apr-2016Teachers in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas (English | Hindi)UnstarredHuman Resource Development
16-Mar-2016Compensation for Farmers (English | Hindi)UnstarredUrban Development
16-Mar-2016Shops/Stalls for SCs and STs (English | Hindi)UnstarredRailways
15-Mar-2016Waste Collection (English | Hindi)UnstarredHome Affairs
11-Mar-2016Foreign Direct Investment (English | Hindi)UnstarredFinance
10-Mar-2016Clean Ganga Fund (English | Hindi)UnstarredWater Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation
09-Mar-2016Vacant Posts of Diplomats (English | Hindi)UnstarredExternal Affairs
09-Mar-2016Government Employees in Elective Offices (English | Hindi)UnstarredPrime Minister
08-Mar-2016Smart Policing (English | Hindi)UnstarredHome Affairs
04-Mar-2016LIC Audit (English | Hindi)UnstarredFinance
04-Mar-2016Printing of Currency Notes (English | Hindi)UnstarredFinance
03-Mar-2016Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana (English | Hindi)UnstarredRural Development
03-Mar-2016MRO Facilities for Airlines (English | Hindi)StarredCivil Aviation
02-Mar-2016Land Pooling (English | Hindi)UnstarredUrban Development
01-Mar-2016Crop Insurance Schemes (English | Hindi)UnstarredAgriculture and Farmers Welfare
01-Mar-2016ISIS Threat (English | Hindi)UnstarredHome Affairs
01-Mar-2016Agricultural Education (English | Hindi)UnstarredAgriculture and Farmers Welfare
26-Feb-2016Blood Bank (English | Hindi)UnstarredHealth and Family Welfare
26-Feb-2016Disinvestment in CIL (English | Hindi)UnstarredFinance
25-Feb-2016Refund/Compensation to Air Passengers (English | Hindi)StarredCivil Aviation
24-Feb-2016Amendment in Atomic Energy Act (English | Hindi)UnstarredPrime Minister
23-Dec-2015Passenger and Freight Traffic (English | Hindi)UnstarredRailways
23-Dec-2015Quota for Handicaps (English | Hindi)UnstarredRailways
22-Dec-2015SC/ST Employees in PSUs (English | Hindi)UnstarredHeavy Industries and Public Enterprises
21-Dec-2015Vacancies in Labour Courts (English | Hindi)UnstarredLabour and Employment
21-Dec-2015Vacancies in IIT (English | Hindi)UnstarredHuman Resource Development
18-Dec-2015Supply of Sub-Standard Material to Ordnance Factory (English | Hindi)UnstarredDefence
17-Dec-2015Unused Properties of Air India (English | Hindi)UnstarredCivil Aviation
17-Dec-2015Policy of Reservation in Air India (English | Hindi)UnstarredCivil Aviation
16-Dec-2015Rohini Residential Scheme (English | Hindi)UnstarredUrban Development
15-Dec-2015Farmer Producer Organisations(English | Hindi)UnstarredAgriculture and Farmers Welfare
15-Dec-2015Agricultural Education(English | Hindi)UnstarredAgriculture and Farmers Welfare
14-Dec-2015Reforms in Labour Laws(English | Hindi)StarredLabour and Employment
11-Dec-2015Sainik Schools(English | Hindi)UnstarredDefence
11-Dec-2015Digitization of Cable Network(English | Hindi)UnstarredInformation and Broadcasting
10-Dec-2015Underground Coal Gasification(English | Hindi)UnstarredCoal
09-Dec-2015Housing for All(English | Hindi)UnstarredHousing and Urban Poverty Alleviation
09-Dec-2015National Encryption Policy (English | Hindi)UnstarredCommunications and Information Technology
09-Dec-2015Education to Minority Girls (English | Hindi)UnstarredMinority Affairs
08-Dec-2015Amendment in GFR 142 and 144 (English | Hindi)UnstarredSocial Justice and Empowerment
07-Dec-2015Withdrawal of Heritage Status from Delhi (English | Hindi)UnstarredCulture
04-Dec-2015SCSP and TSP (English | Hindi)UnstarredPlanning
03-Dec-2015Tariff Based Competitive Bidding (English | Hindi)StarredCoal
02-Dec-2015DDA Colonies (English | Hindi)UnstarredUrban Development
01-Dec-2015Medical Assistance and Insurance (English | Hindi)StarredYouth Affairs and Sports
30-Nov-2015Posts in University College (English | Hindi)UnstarredHuman Resource Development
12-Aug-2015Post Based Roster (English | Hindi)UnstarredPrime Minister
11-Aug-2015Contractual Preference to SCUnstarredSocial Justice and Empowerment
10-Aug-2015Promotion to Reserved Posts in AAI (English | Hindi)UnstarredCivil Aviation
10-Aug-2015Public Procurement Policy (English | Hindi)UnstarredMicro, Small and Medium Enterprises
07-Aug-2015Investment by Canada (English | Hindi)StarredCommerce and Industry
05-Aug-2015Bhumidhari Rights (English | Hindi)UnstarredUrban Development
04-Aug-2015Funds under Corporate Social Responsibility (English | Hindi)UnstarredHeavy Industries and Public Enterprises
03-Aug-2015Railways Catering Contracts for SC/ST (English | Hindi)UnstarredRailways
31-Jul-2015Merging of FMC and SEBI (English | Hindi)UnstarredFinance
30-Jul-2015Revision of Fee (English | Hindi)UnstarredRoad Transport And Highways
30-Jul-2015Old Age Pension (English | Hindi)UnstarredRural Development
29-Jul-2015Vacant Posts of VCs Posts (English | Hindi)UnstarredHuman Resource Development
29-Jul-2015Dropout Rate among EWS Students (English | Hindi)UnstarredHuman Resource Development
27-Jul-2015Steel Plants (English | Hindi)UnstarredSteel
27-Jul-2015Theft of Antique Artfacts from Museums (English | Hindi)UnstarredCulture
24-Jul-2015Make in India’ Programme (English | Hindi)UnstarredCommerce and Industry
24-Jul-2015Working Group/Think Tank on Patent Law/IPR (English | Hindi)UnstarredCommerce and Industry
21-Jul-2015Compensation for Victims of Naxal Violence (English | Hindi)UnstarredHome Affairs
21-Jul-2015Reduction in Pre-matric Scholarship (English | Hindi)UnstarredSocial Justice and Empowerment
08-May-2015Allocation of Funds under SCSP/TSP (English | Hindi)UnstarredPlanning
06-May-2015Financial Irregularities (English | Hindi)UnstarredHuman Resource Development
06-May-2015Post Retirement Benefits (English | Hindi)UnstarredPrime Minister
05-May-2015Modernisation of Police Force (English | Hindi)UnstarredHome Affairs
05-May-2015Traffic Signal (English | Hindi)UnstarredHome Affairs
28-Apr-2015Citizenship to Immigrants (English | Hindi)UnstarredHome Affairs
28-Apr-2015Inclusive Growth for SC (English | Hindi)UnstarredSocial Justice and Empowerment
27-Apr-2015Catering Contracts in Railways (English | Hindi)UnstarredRailways
22-Apr-2015Pre-matric Scholarship (English | Hindi)UnstarredHuman Resource Development
20-Apr-2015Recruitment of SC/ST Pilots in AAI (English | Hindi)UnstarredCivil Aviation
20-Mar-2015Reservation in AIIMS (English | Hindi)UnstarredHealth and Family Welfare
18-Mar-2015Acquisition of Land (English | Hindi)UnstarredUrban Development
18-Mar-2015Reservation in Jamia Millia Islamia University (English | Hindi)UnstarredHuman Resource Development
17-Mar-2015Inclusion of Castes (English | Hindi)StarredSocial Justice and Empowerment
16-Mar-2015Promotion of SC/ST owned MSMEs (English | Hindi)UnstarredMicro, Small and Medium Enterprises
13-Mar-2015Honorarium to Anganwadi Workers (English | Hindi)StarredWomen and Child Development
11-Mar-2015Land Pooling Policy (English | Hindi)UnstarredUrban Development
11-Mar-2015Reservation for DDA Flats (English | Hindi)UnstarredUrban Development
09-Mar-2015NGOs Proposals for Income Limits for ST (English | Hindi)UnstarredTribal Affairs
04-Mar-2015Rohini Residential Scheme (English | Hindi)UnstarredUrban Development
04-Mar-2015Housing Societies in Delhi (English | Hindi)UnstarredUrban Development
27-Feb-2015Leprosy Cases (English | Hindi)UnstarredHealth and Family Welfare
26-Feb-2015Appointment of Judges (English | Hindi)UnstarredLaw and Justice
17-Dec-2014Joint Engineering Examination (English | Hindi)UnstarredHuman Resource Development
16-Dec-2014Bogus Beneficiaries under Crop Insurance Scheme (English | Hindi)UnstarredAgriculture
10-Dec-2014Pension Scheme to KVs (English | Hindi)UnstarredHuman Resource Development
09-Dec-2014Police Stations (English | Hindi)UnstarredHome Affairs
08-Dec-2014Employees of NALCO (English | Hindi)UnstarredMines
04-Dec-2014Alleged Irregularities in Judiciary (English | Hindi)UnstarredLaw and Justice
03-Dec-2014Self Finance Housing Scheme (English | Hindi)UnstarredHousing and Urban Poverty Alleviation
27-Nov-2014Safety Measures in Buses (English | Hindi)UnstarredRoad Transport and Highways
26-Nov-2014Basic Amenities in Unauthorised Colonies (English | Hindi)UnstarredUrban Development
26-Nov-2014Implementation of MACP Scheme for KVS (English | Hindi)UnstarredHuman Resource Development
14-Aug-2014RUB/ ROB (English | Hindi)UnstarredRailways
13-Aug-2014SCERTUnstarredHuman Resource Development
12-Aug-2014Rehabilitation of Pakistani Migrants (English | Hindi)UnstarredHome Affairs
11-Aug-2014Performance of CPSE (English | Hindi)UnstarredHeavy Industries and Public Enterprises
08-Aug-2014Penalty on Insurance Companies (English | Hindi)UnstarredFinance
07-Aug-2014ICICI Lombard (English | Hindi)UnstarredTextiles
05-Aug-2014Reservation Bill (English | Hindi)UnstarredSocial Justice and Empowerment
05-Aug-2014National Trust Act (English | Hindi)UnstarredSocial Justice and Empowerment
30-Jul-2014Extension of Metro Rail (English | Hindi)UnstarredUrban Development
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