AIl India Confederation of SC ST organizations- Parisangh is organizing a mammoth virtual rally on 28th june 2020 at 5 PM

1-Mayawti betrayed dalits- Dr Udit Raj
2-Parisangh calls for a new slogan= unite and struggle for rights
The AIl India Confederation of SC ST organizations (Parisangh) is organizing a mammoth virtual rally on 28th june 2020 at 5 PM. The main reasons are to make the protest against the supreme court judgements and privatization of public sector undertakings co. During the lock down period , 53 Zoom conferences , various face book and Twitter lives were done to reach out to the most of SC/ST employees and social organizations. It was also attempted to reach to many OBC & Minorities social organizations.
Dr Udit Raj , the national chairman Parisangh and national spokesperson of congress said that the supreme court and high courts have been giving judgements against the interests and reservation of SC/ST/OBC . On 22 th April 2020 , the supreme court held that reservation cannot exceed the limit of 50 % . In 2000 in undivided Adhra Pradesh , 100 % reservation was provided to the Schedule Tribes where their population was 100% . The state governments are bound to give reservation according to the population of these communities. After the bifurcation of Andhrta Pradesh state ,in four districts of Telangana, where the tribal population is 100 % it is very well within the purview of the law to give them 100% reservation but the Supreme Court said that it cannot exceed more than 50 % . Why the Supreme Court did not act like this when 10 % reservation was given to economically weaker people of general category. It has been observed the judiciary is biased against the interests of SC-ST-OBC . We demand that matters like reservation etc should not be heard without the judges of these communities. The political parties of Tamilnadu approached the Supreme Court for the allotment of 50 % seats in medical and dental courses . Instead of deciding the matter in the favour, it has gone further ahead to comment about reservation that it is not a fundamental right.
Dr Udit Raj further said that under the garb of economic package , the government led a policy to erode the base of reservation further . It has allowed private businesses to enter in to the businesses of public sector undertaking which are exclusively done by them . It is well known fact that the nexus between businessmen , politicians and bureaucrats lead to nepotism and corruptgion in PSUs and that eventually lead to non performer . This is a clever way to transfer the wealth of public to private players and finish the reservation on other hand. The defence sector is very huge and the government has given a go ahead to corporatize it , so that it is cut to smaller sizes. Once it becomes small size , it is easy to sell to the private players. The airports get nothing from the government and give revenue to it and yet they are being sold. When the government is to fight the menace of covid-19 , instead it has harmed the most to the SC-ST-OBC via privatization.

Miss Mayawati has betrayed the cause of bahujan samaj . An emotional slogan to capture political power has crippled dalits not to take on fight for the rights on day to day basis. For every loss be it dilution of reservation, privatization, unemployment , atrocities and non-implementation of welfare schemes , there is no accountability and always told to wait for political power . She is B team of BJP and under the fear of CBI, Income Tax and ED, there is no hope from her that she will struggle for which BSP was founded . Dr Udit Raj slammed that dalits have all rights to take stocks from her as she has enjoyed their supports and resources.

Dr Udit Raj said that the OBCs get 27 % reservation but it is never implemented. Their representation at the higher level in the bearucracy is very minimal and there is a need to give them reservation in promotion. The creamy layer is also detrimental to the interest of OBCs. In 2011 data for OBC castes have been collected but it is yet to be published and holding back is against their interests.
Dr Om Sudha

28 june udit raj virtual rally 2020

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